The Librarians US Season 1-3 Complete 480p HDTV 150MB All Episodes

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The Librarians US Season 1-3 Complete 480p HDTV 150MB All Episodes – The Librarians is an American fantasy-adventure television series. A group of librarians set off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts. The Show is a direct spin-off of The Librarian film series, sharing continuity with the films.

The series follows four people, Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), who is chosen by the Library to be the new Guardian, as well as Ezekiel, Cassandra and Jacob, who were asked to apply to the Library to become The Librarian, but for some reason didn’t show up to the “auditions”. In their place, the Librarian position went to Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle). While Flynn is searching for the Library (which is lost in time and space), the four become a new team of Librarians in order to solve impossible mysteries, recover powerful artifacts, and fight against supernatural threats, especially the forces of the Serpent Brotherhood, led by the mysterious immortal Dulaque (Matt Frewer)

The second season offered up a pair of new villains, “Prospero” (Richard Cox), from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, as the greater evil, attempting to use magic to destroy the world in order to remake it more to his liking. and “Moriarty” (David S. Lee), Sherlock Holmes‘ chief nemesis.

The third season introduces a new villain, Apep, the Egyptian God of Chaos. He is mysteriously resurrected while possessing numerous people as he embarks on his mission to release pure evil into the world. While trying to stop Apep, the Librarians’ actions are being closely investigated by General Cynthia Rockwell (Vanessa Williams) from a new secret government agency, called D.O.S.A. (Department of Statistical Anomalies).

Genre :  Action, Adventure, Comedy

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